15 Bizarre and Unusual Sports That Are No Longer Exist and Played In The Olympics


Olympics is the hallmark of every athlete. Many aspire to earn glory in sports events such as athletics, gymnastics, and ball games. However, Olympics wasn’t perfect as we think. This prestigious sporting spectacle once included strange competitions. Check them out.

1) Distance Plunging

It was a no-sweat game for children than an Olympic sport. It required athletes to dive into the pool, coast underwater with limbs tucked, float to the surface – then, referees measure the drifted distance. That’s it.

2) Pistol Dueling

Due to serious precautions and allegedly fatal results, pistol dueling was removed in the Olympics. Though, wax was used instead of real bullets.

3) Live Pigeon Shooting

Olympics officials surely have the heart for animals. Live pigeon shooting had killed more than three hundred birds before the targets became disc-shaped clay.

4) Tug-Of-War

Tug-of-war involved an eight-man team in pulling their opponents six feet far to proclaim a victor in this event. Why was it removed? Maybe, it’s more picnic-worthy.

5) Singlestick

Singlestick looked like a barbaric fight than an aesthetic sport. In this event, competitors hit each other using a club held in one hand. Any war freak can do this.

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