Some movies define the career of actors. Stars become celebrities overnight when their movies turn out to be blockbuster hits. However, not all movies prove to be as lucky as these. Certain movies have almost spoiled the careers of certain stars,as we can see below:



1). Street Fighter:Legend of Chun Li, Actor – Kristen Kreuk


When she acted in the famous series, Smallville, Kristen Kreuk believed that she was made for bigger things. Probably, that’s why she decided to take up the role of Chun Li in the movie, Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. On the contrary, the movie did nothing to her career as it was quite pathetic. She is now back doing the TV series, Beauty, and the Beast.


2).Catwoman, Actor – Halle Berry


Academy-winning actress and Bond girl, Halle Berry wouldn’t have imagined that her career would go downslide when she accepted the lead role in the movie, Catwoman. The movie flopped, and it would be fair to say that Halle Berry’s career suffered a lot because of that.


3).Freaks, Director – Tod Browning

Tod Browning was famous for making horror movies like Dracula. His movie, Freaks was downright creepy and scary. Browning made use of real-life horror incidents and dwarfs in this movie. It was so real that it was banned. Browning never got up from this slump again.


4).Peeping Tom, Director – Michael Powell

Michael Powell was certainly unlucky for receiving heavy criticism for his movie, Peeping Tom. He tried out the horror genre, and though the movie was far ahead of its time, it was dismissed as being misogynistic. Powell never recovered from this criticism until his last breath.


5).Tank Girl, Actor – Lori Petty

After back to back hits such as Point Break, Free Willy and A League of Their Own, everyone and Lori Petty herself expected to become a huge star. However, she threw off her chances by accepting the lead role in the pathetic adaptation of the indie comedy, Tank Girl. The movie flopped, and Lori never had a noticeable role after that

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