The “rags to riches” stories always interest us, don’t they? If lady luck is by your side, you can become a sought-after celebrity from a “nobody” within a short time. Yes, talent is very important, but we have to agree that talent alone cannot take you to great heights. You need luck for that. Here, we are going to see 20 such immensely lucky people who were homeless before they went on to become quite famous in their respective fields.


1.) Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig, who played James Bond in movies such as Casino Royale and Skyfall, is one of the most sought-after actors today. Nevertheless, he didn’t have a great start to his career, though! Most of the days, he had to spend sleepless nights at the park benches of London, before he made a name for himself in Hollywood.

2.) Jennifer Lopez

The sexy and talented singer maybe worth millions of dollars today, but Jennifer Lopez was left homeless at 18 when her mother opposed her choice of career. She spent many nights in the bed of her dance studio before she got her assignment a year later. There has been no looking back for her, ever since.

3) .Sylvester Stallone

He made blockbuster series of movies like Rocky and Rambo, many years later after he started trying for roles in the film industry. Sylvester Stallone acted in porn movies and slept on bus stations because he didn’t have enough money. Today, he is one of the richest actors in Hollywood.

4.) Steve Jobs

Yes, it is unbelievable but true! The co-founder of Apple, quit Reed College to follow his passion of starting a company. While that did help him in setting up Apple, it also left him penniless. At one point, he didn’t have a dormitory room and no money as well. So he collected coke bottles to earn money for his food

5.) Jim Carrey

Before he went on to become Hollywood’s most sought-after comedians, Jim Carrey and his family lived in camper vans and tents as he couldn’t afford a home. He stated that his dire financial condition was the motivation behind him becoming a successful comedian today.


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