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6.) Granpa Reading

Husky reading a book? Now that is incredible! Complete with reading glasses and a book, this one sure looks like my grandad reading his old poetry book.

7.) Where Is My Order

This cat is like an angry woman screaming “where is my food.” Never make cats wait for food if you don’t want to end up with scratches all over your body.

8.) Lazy Night

Well, just when you thought humans are the only lazy creatures, here is a cat just chilling watching his favorite show with a bottle of Bud Light. Well, at least this one looks cute.

9.) Like And Old Man

This one is like an old man in the morning – going through the morning paper, skimming through the classified ads and eventually doing the crosswords section.

10.) Doggy Play Time

This pooch is like a kid in the park, just chilling on the swing, waiting for her parents to come pick her up. If this pup is a real kid, we bet she’ll be a tough one.





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