Wondering were the richest people in the world? And who are the wealthiest people today? In this article, you will see the names of the people who became famous and rich in what they do.


1.) Michael Bloomberg

The founder of and currently CEO of Bloomberg L.P, a politician, an entrepreneur, Bloomberg takes the last spot on this list. He is worth $47.5 billion at age 74 years old.

2.) Charles Koch

A known philanthropist and American businessman who owns the Koch industries. His fortune came from various sources like minerals, fertilizers, and consumer products. He is worth $48.3 billion.

3.) Larry Elison

He co-founded the Oracle Corporation and used to be its CEO until 2014. The Oracle is a famous tech company with over 100k employees. It is one of the sources of the $52.2 billion fortune of Elison.

4.) Carlos Slim Helu

A Mexican investor and businessman who owns different companies in various industries like media, health care, energy, retail and real estate. He is worth $54.5 billion.

5.) Mark Zuckerberg

At number ten, the famous Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg. In 2017, he made an incredible gain of $10 billion from his company and is now worth $56 billion!

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